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Gesellschafter: Helmut Ohnheiser, Christian Ohnheiser
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Verantwortlich für den Inhalt gemäß §10 Abs. 3 MDStV.
Helmut Ohnheiser
As content providers, we are responsible for our own content that we make available for use in accordance with general laws.
A distinction must be made between our own content and cross-references ("links") to content provided by other providers. By the cross reference we hold ready in this respect "foreign contents" for the use.

We are only responsible for these external contents if we have positive knowledge of them (i.e. also of illegal or punishable contents) and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use (§5 para. 2 TDG). However, "links" are always "living" (dynamic) references. When the link was first set up, we checked the external content to see whether it might give rise to any civil or criminal liability; however, under the TDG, the content provider is not obliged to constantly check the content to which he refers in his offer for changes that might give rise to a new liability. Translated with (free version)

Only if he determines or is informed by others that a concrete offer, to which he has provided a link, triggers a civil or criminal liability, he will remove the reference to this offer, as far as this is technically possible and reasonable. The technical possibility and reasonableness shall not be influenced by the fact that the illegal or criminal offer can be accessed from other servers even after access from our homepage has been prohibited. Translated with (free version)

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